TRG 2018 | Toronto

A Rust server.

If you're looking for a low population, Canadian, non-hardcore Rust server - look no further. 

TRG 2019 is lightly modified to encourage casual gameplay. Offline raids are not encouraged, and offline raiding damage reductions are enforced by AntiOfflineRaid. 

Core game loot and gathering rates are vanilla defaults (not modified).  

The following values are configured for AntiOfflineRaid :

First 20 minutes offline - 100% damage (prevents logging out to stop a raid)
Between 20 minutes and 24 hours offline - 50% damage
Between 24 and 36 hours offline - 75% damage
Between 36 and 96 hours offline - 100% damage
Between 96 and 120 hours offline - 200% damage
After 120 hours offline - base is considered abandoned - 400% damage

These values encourage core gameplay without penalizing casual players for not being online in the middle of the night. 
Bases abandoned for more than a couple of days are considered fair game, and damage by raiding is actually increased significantly beyond 72 hours offline. 

Other quality-of-life server modifications:

* Death Messages - Messages are broadcast to the server upon kill of players, animals, scientists - etc. 
* Sign Artist - Regular players are granted (upon request) access to the /sil chat command which can load web images onto in-game signs. 
* Night Lantern - All ceiling lights, tuna lights, and lanterns turn on automatically at dusk and off again at dawn. /lantern command in Chat to enable/disable types. 

Check out the discord here:
TRG 2019 Discord

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